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    Job Code: — TE21SD01

    Job Location: Hyderabad

    Experience: 6+ yrs

    Job Description: 

      • Strong knowledge of React Native along with extensive understanding of hooks, application life-cycle and code architecture
      • Should have understanding and hands-on experience of the tools and readily used RN libraries (like React-Native-Fast-Image, React-Navigation, Redux and Network libraries)
      • Should adhere to the best practices of Sprint Planning, Retrospective, Estimation, Demos and Documentation
      • Should have a holistic understanding of App architecture and how React interacts with the native layers for iOS and Android respectively
      • Should ace at writing modular and reusable code across the system and document it well so as to enable other developers to use it in their projects extensively
      • Excellent JavaScript Developer, has a deep understanding of scope and closures, ES6, Object prototypes, Async and Performance
      • Excellent Code reviewer and champion at writing unit test cases
      • Mentoring, onboarding and interviewing the candidate
      • Basic understanding of Android / iOS
      • Open source contribution will be a plus

    Required Skills:

      • 5+ years in front-end development (HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript, XML, JSON, React/Angular)
      • Experience mentoring junior software engineers to improve their skills and make them more effective product software engineers
      • Experience influencing software engineers’ best practices within your team
      • Passion to design and develop intuitive user interfaces.
      • Ability to achieve stretch goals in a highly innovative and fast paced environment.
      • Sound business judgment, proven ability to influence others and strong analytical thinking skills
      • BS/MS degree in Computer Science

    How to apply: To apply for this job, email your resume to [email protected] with subject line: + .