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    MYRO is the world’s first-ever robot designed to overcome the operational challenges of wall painting in the construction industry with automated painting.

    Our team has automated painting in the construction industry with the launch of MYRO. It not only eases the burden on the industry but also offers high levels of precision. The product is equipped with high-speed actuation for delivering up to 10X higher productivity in comparison to traditional methods of wall painting.

    With its precision spray system, it ensures a highly consistent, as well as premium, finishing and uniform DFT (Dry Film Thickness) across the painted area. Our in-depth understanding of robotics and automation has guided the development of the product to obtain perfect results with negligible hassle and errors. The product comes with compact mobile-based control software which allows ease of use while maximizing its efficiency.

    With MYRO, we have transformed the traditional way of painting and enabled quicker and more efficient results. Further, MYRO provides robust safety to its users while creating a safe and secure environment for others working around the robot.


    BYOD for HMI

    HMI (Human Machine Interface) is a display device-based user interface or dashboard that connects a person to a machine, system, or device. Here at Eternal Robotics, we have simplified machine interaction and management with the innovation of BYOD for HMI.

    With the help of BYOD, we have transformed HMI for users. BYOD for HMI ensures cost optimization for organizations. It is done by reducing both Capex and Opex spending while maximizing business value. With its data analytics feature, it helps the users to collect key data from their equipment and operations. These data can be further utilized to visualize, understand and draw actionable insights that are capable of enhancing the efficiency of the processes.

    Our solution is in the spirit and furtherance of industry 4.0, the current trend of automation in manufacturing technologies. Industry 4.0 includes cyber-physical systems and cloud computing that are integral parts of BYOD systems. Our product also comes with cross-platform digitalization which helps you meet your audience and tap into the communication channels. It is designed to facilitate effective communication.


    Smart eyes

    Smart Eyes is a disruptive innovation developed by Eternal Robotics. By leveraging the power of computer vision and machine learning software, our solution makes existing and new camera installations smart.

    With its unique sensor fusion abilities, Smart Eyes can bring together inputs from multiple radars, lidars, and cameras to form a single model or image of the environment around it. Wireless communication enablement allows users to access Smart Eyes from anywhere around the world. Further, it is equipped with data warehousing features to store data from multiple sources and provide a secure environment for the user. Smart Eyes are powered by the latest AI based technology and yet is available at an economical cost.

    Computer vision is a field of artificial intelligence that trains computers to interpret and understand the visual world. We have taken computer vision to the next level. This product can identify and classify objects accurately, then react to what the software sees and understands.



    Eternal Robotics’ team of experienced engineers has developed an Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR), Chariot. The product is developed keeping in mind several cross-vertical use cases. A few of the key areas Chariot caters to are warehouse automation, factory automation, etc. The focus is on scaling your automation process with a modular AMR which is both flexible and reliable.

    Every industry, as well as organization, has specific needs and requirements when it comes to optimizing the automation landscape. Therefore, to harness the maximum potential from technological transformations, our engineers will custom design Chariot. It can work effectively and efficiently in a highly constrained/controlled environment with fixed operating parameters and also adapt to highly dynamic environments with loosely defined objectives.

    We will work on a wide range of parameters, including but not limited to, dimension, payload, terrain, operating cycles (battery capacity), accessibility, intelligence, fleet, and on-board auxiliaries to offer a customized solution. Hence, Eternal Robotics ensures a seamless and personalized experience of automation crafted specifically to optimize your business.


    Mobile EV charger

    Eternal Robotics’ EV Charger is a hyperlocal charging as a service (CaaS) offering that aligns itself with the inclination towards Electric Vehicles (EVs). You can partner with us to offer turnkey charging solutions to EV owners.

    The rising demand for EVs is likely to continue in the coming years followed by an exponentially increasing demand for EV chargers. With our EV charging amenities, we aim to empower organizations to serve their customers better. Emphasis is on equipping proactive businesses with solutions to support their clients’ demands. This can come as a complementary service to attract and retain customers or an additional revenue pool by collecting fees for on-the-go charging.

    Our subscription-based model is designed to cushion our partners from any upfront purchasing costs. It includes a compact, safe, and efficient charging infrastructure at a minimal cost. Partnering with us will ensure easy installation and support from our team for the deployment of the charging station.


    Wind Racer

    Wind Racer, Eternal Robotics’ Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT), is a groundbreaking energy harvesting innovation. It is highly compact and modular, allowing easy installation with a higher level of efficiency compared to large horizontal wind turbines.

    This innovation is designed to help organizations adjust to the rapid shift towards the reduction of carbon footprint. Wind Racer comes as a reliable complementary source of energy alongside traditional power sources, such as the grid. Its mechanism allows the channelizing of airflow in the establishment, coupled with high turbulence endurance, to meet energy requirements more efficiently.

    This product can be installed both as an alternative to solar PV panels and in combination with offset commercial grid dependencies. Therefore, it enables organizations to meet their clean and energy-efficient objectives.



    The world of digital advertising has been changing at a breakneck pace with the advent of social media and web analytics. However, Out of Home advertising or OOH is a key avenue for several burgeoning businesses to increase visibility of their brand and make an impression with customers.

    Connex is a disruptive new SaaS platform that imagines a future where OOH advertising can create direct customer impact by increasing engagement through driving better footfall in retail stores as well as online commerce. It helps in integrating OOH advertising with other avenues of marketing and advertising strategy of a business.

    Connex leverages technologies like IoT, Data Analytics and Machine Learning to identify spend patterns, predict user behaviour and contextualise customer experience with their physical movement in the urban environment. It creates a digital footprint of the OOH advertising impact, measures ROI and opens up new campaign avenues for engaging customers with the core value proposition of a brand.

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