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    Productivity is at the core of every activity in Logistics space, end of line automation, packaging, material handling, transportation, digital operations, security and risk management. We deliver customised automation solutions that can grow and scale with your business.

    Industry 4.0

    Factories and manufacturing plants are increasingly trying to become more efficient and cost effective to boot their operations with technology. We provide integrated solutions that range from reducing human interventions to improve quality of production.


    The growing population of our world is driving the urbanisation and energy markets. The need to develop our infrastructure through safe and sustainable processes is critical. We are building solutions across several applications including construction robotics, mobility and renewable energy.

    Hardtech & AI

    We Design, develop and deploy ground breaking innovations for entrepreneurs and enterprises. We offer strategic R&D services that enable successful integration of futuristic technologies. Our team is adept at solving complex engineering challenges that require holistic solutions.


    We provide customized innovations that enable cross-functional efficiency in your organization. Our unique solutions optimize your operations and put you ahead of the competition.



    We simplify complex lifecycles by leveraging in-depth expertise in disruptive technologies. Our tech-based strategies and solutions are designed to make the world a smarter place.

    System Integrators

    System Integrators

    We offer smart and efficient solutions to transform your machine-building experience. Our expertise in state-of-the-art technologies enables us to provide cutting-edge engineering solutions.

    Machine Builders

    Machine Builders

    We bring our expertise in next-gen technologies to automate and offer a unified view of channel sales. Maximize your benefits by shortening product lifecycles with our unique solutions.

    Channel Partners

    Channel Partners


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    • PCBA Design

      Our expert engineers are well-versed with the latest technologies for designing printed circuit boards. We are the one-stop solution for all your innovational needs.

    • Mechatronics Design

      Our team of experts adheres to premium standards for the integrated design of mechanical systems. We ensure efficiency coupled with high-quality systems.

    • System Modelling

      We leverage in-depth knowledge for making your business smarter. Our rich experience allows us to offer cutting-edge embedded systems.

    • Control System Design

      We ensure optimization of your operations by designing systems that invoke effective and desirable responses in a timely manner. Our focus is on the development of intuitive next-gen technologies.

    • Computer Vision

      Our team of engineers comes with a wide range of expertise that can leapfrog computer vision forward. We bring innovative solutions powered by computer vision to enhance the operability and security of your business.

    • Mobile Navigation

      Our team delivers breakthrough navigation services using disruptive technology. We let you harness the true potential of autonomous navigation through our engineering solutions.

    • Linear Actuations/Motor Control

      Our expertise in robotics and automation is aimed at transforming how your business moves. Therefore, we bring you a personalized range of innovations to optimize the operations of the organization.

    • Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

      Innovate your work environment by deploying our intelligent solutions. Our focus is on enhancing the agility and flexibility of your organization to meet the standards of the new-age industries.

    • Sensor Integration

      Stay way ahead of the curve by leveraging sensor technology that is quick to interpret and respond. Optimize your operations across the organization with our disruptive solutions customized for you.

    • Human Machine Interface

      Minimize downtimes by creating a secure environment of co-dependency between humans and machines. Speed up and streamline the delivery of quality products and services to add value to your industry.

    • Cloud Computing

      Revolutionize troubleshooting to improve efficiency and productivity by leaps and bounds. Drive revenue growth by being at the forefront of business technology solutions.

    • Data Analytics