Revolutionizing Industrial Process Control with Advanced AI

Empower your business with the cutting-edge technology of HYPERVISE. Our state-of-the-art AI platform leverages  Computer Vision, Deep Learning, and an array of hardware systems ranging from cameras, sensors, and robots to automation systems aimed at transforming your industrial data into critical business insight.

Safety Surveillance

Ensure Safety & Compliance with Advanced AI Monitoring

Unleash the full potential of your public and industrial facilities with our sophisticated Surveillance solution. HYPERVISE ensures 100% enforcement of safety practices, leading to a substantial decrease in incidents. Features include PPE Detection, Crowd Gathering, Virtual Geofencing, and more, ensuring a compliant and secure environment.

Action Recognition

Optimize Productivity and Process Compliance with Real-Time Insights

Maximize your assembly operations’ productivity with our Action Recognition solution.  Through  AI models, edge devices, and video analytics, Action Recognition brings insight into every cycle. Assembly-related defects are hugely reduced thanks to Time & Motion Analysis, Action Sequencing, and SOP Adherence.


Guarantee Quality Control with Advanced Visual Detection

Integrating Deep Learning with a wide range of Machine Vision cameras and sensors, HYPERVISE identifies defects and manages quality control with precision. Enjoy features like Object Counting, Dimension Verification, Color Analysis, and more, ensuring flawless product output every time.

Why Choose

Increased Productivity
& Efficiency

Boost your business performance with our AI-enhanced solutions.

Expanded Quality Control

Achieve ultimate quality assurance with our advanced defect detection resulting in defect reduction in manufacturing.

Digitization & Custom Reporting

Gain deeper insights with our customized, data-rich reports.


Our real-time alert system enables a responsive business environment