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    Job Code: — TE21FD01

    Job Location: Hyderabad

    Experience: 4+ yrs

    Job Description: 

      • Architect, Design, Build the firmware of various multiprocessor and microcontroller hardware for multiple computer vision and robotics applications.
      • Working with code and drivers to enhance and build new systems and products including digital cameras, embedded video systems, wireless modules such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, cellular modules, high-speed communication buses.
      • Contributing to the design and development of autonomous robots and machine vision applications. 
      • Multiple sensor, wireless communication and processor interfacing.
      • Board upbringing tasks like bootloaders, device drivers, device tree overlays.
      • Sensor fusion and interfacing multiple industrial motors and actuators.  
      • Structured programming in C/C++, assembly.
      • Participating in the review of documents, designs, code, and test cases of software
      • Collaborating with HW engineers on a schematic review to ensure SW resources are aligned with HW
      • Performing functional testing of developed software to ensure correct operation and compatibility
      • Problem solving in both team setting and individual environment.

    Required Skills:

      • 3-8 years experience in Embedded Firmware with diverse skill set as follows:
      • Industrial experience in programming environments like RTOS, archlinux.
      • Strong Embedded Programming Skills with C/C++, Python, and Shell scripting
      • Usage of communication protocols such as UART, i2C,SPI,RS-232,RS-485
      • Hands-on experience  with Linux Kernel. 
      • Hands-on experience with Sensor fusion of IoT sensors and LiDARs and industrial distance measuring sensors
      • Hands-on experience with industrial control interfaces of DC/ Servo motor drives.
      • Knowledge of control systems, digital electronics.
      • Multi-threading and data structures.
      • Experience with Agile development methodology
      • Jira/Confluence and Git experience is a MUST.
      • Hands-on experience in programming autonomous robots using ROS is an added advantage.
      • The ability to use basic electronic instruments (Scope, Multi-meter, etc.) for assisting during SW-HW integration & debugging is an asset
      • Usage of communication protocols like CAN, MODBUS, Embedded Ethernet.

    How to apply: To apply for this job, email your resume to [email protected] with subject line: + .